Volvo FH13 v 1.4

Competible 1.31-1.35

-Sold in volvo dealer.
-fix for 1.32 and up versions.
-added sideskirts and tuning.
-No rain drop problem, wipers work perfect.
-Not perfect 1.35 ım waitin officaly 1.35 version for update.
-2 cabin.
-4 chassis.
-2 powerfull euro 5 engines with own sounds(news one coming future updates).
-1 transmission(news one coming future updates).
-Have fun paradox.



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11 thoughts on “Volvo FH13 v 1.4

  1. Passwort, please!!!

    1. MattCrutu

      Why he would give you the password?

  2. Bruno Chiesa

    pass pls!!!!

  3. put all the zip file in the MOD folder … you don’t need the password

  4. Daniel Süd


  5. Why our “youtube stars” didn’t make any video of that truck? For what you are waiting?!

    1. doexpectnothing

      Because this mod isn’t working and it’s the same sh*t with EVR’s sounds we had two month ago here.

  6. a description including compatibility 1.31-1.35 makes me thinking to a fake update (trying to get downloads from users on all game versions), either to a very basic update (like manifest change, dealer fix).
    for info a decent update 1.34-1.35, it takes between 10 and 20 minutes (including PMG conversion) depending on the complexity of the truck, and luckily it does not require advanced modding skills and as tools notepad++ and the game is enough 😉

  7. I’m unclocked this #### by scs unlocker and this is fake old mods!

  8. The zip has a password? oh god. Only crappy modders do that, sorry, not downloading.

  9. Compatible 1.31 – – – 1.35 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Also yeah. You could just have said that it also works on 1.20 ;s Dont download guys, its an advise.

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