Volvo FH13 XL Stock


I just remade to Stock and made interior like in real life.
Have fun!

Model authors: Nik_1MTK, Volk86, Dadus, Ventryes.
Convert/edit: Kazel, Gyt1s, Kazel, Gastro, Pietras, Pinguin,
Interior: SCS, KacaK(dashboard texture), ExclusiveUA.


12 Responses to Volvo FH13 XL Stock

  1. ramses says:


  2. ursturbo says:

    Nice truck!Thank you!

  3. rush_man says:

    You know why there are no videos about this truck ? Because it doesn’t work !!

    1-Wheels are not on the right place
    2-wipers 2 meters in front of the truck 0_o !!
    3-interior bugs …

    When you release a truck (if it is really your mod) be sure that it works !!!

    • Fenix says:

      For fix interior bug – install standart visor in service.
      Another bugs with wipers, wheels can be fixed after restarting profile/game.

  4. Seb says:

    Tu n’as pas d’autres camion , y’en a marre de tes vieux camions tout pourrie. Personne n’a envie de rouler avec tes vieux camions pourrie , évolue Mec tu n’est pas la page et je te signale que l’on est en 2014 alors sort nous des camions de 2014 .

    You do not have others truck, am fed up it of your old trucks very rotted there. Nobody wants to run with your old trucks rotted, hushed up Guy evolves is not the page and I signal you that they are in 2014 then fate us of trucks of 2014.

    • Bruno_G says:

      If you aren’t happy just make the trucks you need yourself instead of pissing off on good works.

    • Amine says:


      LOL, t’es pas content ? tu peux te casser personne te retiens ! sois déjà content que certaine personne se tue à faire des mods en échange de rien du tout. Aucun respect…

  5. Gyt1s says:

    respect for written credits 🙂

  6. DAFyyy says:

    guys try this one! VOLVO :

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