Volvo FH16 2009 100000 Hp Engine 1.35.X

This is Ets2 engine mod which haves 100,000 Horsepower in it.
Price: 10
Tested in version 1.35.1
I recommend using a 6-speed transmission so you can go faster!
You will find it on this website by typing 6 transmission on search.
This mod is only for Volvo fh16 2009!



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8 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 2009 100000 Hp Engine 1.35.X

  1. Wozu braucht man das?

  2. pointless mod there is absolutly no use for it

  3. esus Christ, go and play Forza instead of dumping this nonsense at ETS

  4. Why people waste their time doing such dumb things? i dont get it lol. If you dont like the game (if you are willing to use something like that you dont, obviously) just find another game, its an advise.

  5. ###? What did you smoke to upload a useless and unreal Waste?
    1kb to make Money with DL? 🙁

  6. this is not nfs game lol

  7. Puk, puk!!!. Gdzie twój rozum?

  8. This is real truck simulator .what 1000000 HP?
    It is silly…

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