Volvo FH16 2009 v13.5r


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I found this Volvo FH16 2009 very easy to drive. There are a lot of options for this truck. Engine’s, Cab, Drive train.
I am also very happy with the amount of light’s and more option’s for the cab. BUT, I did find one CAB option that I did not understand.
When you go in to do the upgrade’s to the truck, you get to the part where you can have the top banner, Globetrotter 750 or XL. But there is an empty spot where I guess you have to edit the mod to type in your own company name.
So how do you do this when most of the file is Password protected. There is NO README file with this truck. I believe this part need’s to be rethought.

With that said, that was the only fault I could find with this truck mod. This is a really nice truck, I highly recommend this truck to anyone that wants to use it.


DOWNLOAD 13.9 MB [drive google]
DOWNLOAD 13.9 MB [sharemods]


8 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 2009 v13.5r

  1. this is one of the best trucks in ets2 but interior’s isn’t include pedals&transmission stick.. maybe fh2012’s can adaptable to fh2009..

  2. evoayoub……do us all a favour….F.O.A.D !!!!

  3. evoayoub, please stop spamming!

  4. You’re posting stuff you found here so why would anybody go to your blogspot to get it. Think about it.

  5. volvofever

    you all work is complete perfect ,one request for you, if have an time or any idea ,please create this truck,please see image of the the truck fuel tank and the lights and lowered.thank u sir

  6. Nice truck but have only standard interior!

  7. Whiskeytangofox5

    this mod is soooooooooo good I love it looks amazing with new raven paint but I wold like it if you added slots instead of fixed lights on the higher grill and it would be easier if you made the rear lights accessible fro a slot on the back rather on side skirts

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