Volvo FH16 2012 10×4 & 8×4


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Adapted for transportation of superheavy cargo trucks Volvo FH16 2012 10×4 and Volvo FH16 2012 8×4.
All modes adapted to patch 1.21
Contents of the collection:
– Adapted from mod MasterMods “10×8 Volvo”
– Adapted from mod Ohaha “FH16 2013 v16.7s”
– Adapted from mod jgut-, Niksarl “Volvo fh16 2012 8×4 taglift”
Thanks to the authors.

List of changes:

– Disabled duplicate chassis in “FH16 2013 v16.7s” and “Volvo fh16 2012 8×4 taglift”.
– Enable the second chassis 8×4 in mode “Volvo fh16 8×4 2012 taglift” which I mistakenly disabled in the previous version.
– Added this trucks in dialer center.
– Added this trucks in company.
– Added real engine tuning D16G700 euro 5 (848 hp 3818 Nm).
– Added branded headlights “Volvo”.
– Added camouflage skin.
– Fixed minor bugs.

– Characteristics of the chassis as realistic as possible.

As the game ratios gearbox and drive axles are registered in a single file, we had to make some identical gearboxes with different final drive ratio.
After the name of each transmission, I have two options – FG (first transmission gear ratio) and D (differential gear ratio).
The higher differential ratio (D), the more thrust and less top speed.

Maximum trailer weight – 200 tons.

Tested on 1.19 -1.21

The archive contains a supplement addons to the trailers from Jazzycat (Cargo Packs v3.6.1, Military Cargo Pack v.1.7 and Railway Cargo Pack v1.7 ) which increased the mass of more than 100 cargoes.
The main modes you can download on the website of the author (Jazzycat).

Since the description of the mod authors made no mention of the ban on changes in their modes, as well as publication of modified versions of their mod, I think that copyright is not infringed by a chassis that the model has not changed. Changes were only specifications.

Author models: MasterMods, Ohaha, jgut-, Niksarl Parameters gearbox and chassis: Tornado


3 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 2012 10×4 & 8×4

  1. Ashwin Dexter

    that was very awesome mods, thanks!

  2. se tem a scania 8×4 com a skin do urso polar porque não tem a 10×4 com a mesma skin

  3. AquaVixen

    Your 8×4 works beautifully and awesome. However the 10×4 mod here does -NOT- work and when selected at the customization shop in-game, it will crash to desktop instantly when we click “Confirm” to apply it with the current game version.

    The other volvo custom 10×4 mod I found on this site doesn’t work either.

    Can you -PLEASE- update this mod to work with the current version of the game? 10×4 is a flat requirement for large heavy loads in the 90 – 125 ton range and I’m having trouble finding any 10×4 mods that work with the current version of the game.

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