Volvo fh16 2012 Italy




14 thoughts on “Volvo fh16 2012 Italy

  1. Good job man mice skin 🙂

    1. Thanks A LOT bro

  2. The skin and very nice, thank you.
    The bullbar on the truck, not bad! can you give me a link.

  3. Thank you very much Smallboy, Skin does not pass !!!

    1. what you mean that?

  4. what version of the skin.

  5. what kind of truck do you use ?

  6. TesteD IN 1.12.1 VERSION,i used volvo_fh16_2012 original default truck i used .if any thing problem

  7. The skin of RedLion appear.
    The skin of Smallboy not displayed.

    1. one of the mod skin is merge to stop the skin in your paintjob. i think so .

      1. bro which version did u played .

  8. ETS2 v1.10.7 v1.11.1 v1.12.1

    Thank you for lend special attention to my problem, I find my happiness.

  9. see this video bro u have this chrome mod for volvo truck please give me the link.the previous where u download the volvo skin

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