Volvo fh16 2012 Italy




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  1. RedLion says:

    Good job man mice skin đŸ™‚

  2. Diaz says:

    The skin and very nice, thank you.
    The bullbar on the truck, not bad! can you give me a link.

  3. Smallboy says:

    thanku very much here the link

  4. Diaz says:

    Thank you very much Smallboy, Skin does not pass !!!

  5. Diaz says:

    what version of the skin.

  6. Diaz says:

    what kind of truck do you use ?

  7. Smallboy says:

    TesteD IN 1.12.1 VERSION,i used volvo_fh16_2012 original default truck i used .if any thing problem

  8. Diaz says:

    The skin of RedLion appear.
    The skin of Smallboy not displayed.

  9. Diaz says:

    ETS2 v1.10.7 v1.11.1 v1.12.1

    Thank you for lend special attention to my problem, I find my happiness.

  10. Smallboy says:

    see this video bro u have this chrome mod for volvo truck please give me the link.the previous where u download the volvo skin

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