Volvo FH16 2013 Highway Grill


SantosPrimus – model
petr.voltr – edit, convert to ets2
Navix – suitable for FH 2013 ohaha


10 Responses to Volvo FH16 2013 Highway Grill

  1. BigJoe says:

    Super, bude to i pro Scanii RJL 1.3? 🙂

  2. Piter says:

    how to do it in color

  3. Piter says:

    how to do it in color?

  4. gamerOFnorway says:

    Can you make it work for the standard volvo in ets2 please?

  5. TimoBE says:

    Nice man that’s the kinda sh*t I’ve been waiting for.
    Could you maybe make bullbars for the other brands to?

    Greetings from Belgium

  6. Olek says:

    Navix – i’m looking for the extended stock sunshield. Can you help me? 🙂

  7. GiIomin says:

    а на Scanii пададёть ставть я сразу извеняюс генкурятник

  8. kjell says:

    coud you open up the mod so i can add my ligthbox? 🙂

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