Volvo FH16 2013 v 1.0 Fix


– Two new chassis 8×4
– To the 6×4 and 6×2 chassis side skirts added
– The average cab spoiler raised (lowered and raised.)
– For fans of “vtopit” there is a separate motor 999 hp
– Is on the lower fog
– The most important lightweight fashion

Authors: Oleg Kushin (Jgut / Klipper)


21 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 2013 v 1.0 Fix

  1. good job, very good job

  2. and surprice surprice under the sidekirts

  3. very, very cool 🙂

    Great job! my official to ProMods

    Thank you guys.

    My short setup:
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.7.0s (Steam – Always update automatically)
    2) DLC Going East!

  4. eurotrucker

    It is a fairly simple mod, but it improved my gameplay in high rates, props for that!

    Thank you for this mod!

  5. angelknight

    amazing mod just what new volvo needs larger fuel tank and one more powerfull engine great job and amazing chassis 😉

  6. exellent mod, a must have !

  7. if i change the cabin off the truck my game crashes, some one any idea? thnx

    1. MrEtsTrucker

      You have to post what version of the game you are using, also some mods like:

      -The map: Original or TSM or ProMod…
      -Traffic mod: yes or no and witch one…
      -Truck shop mod: Yes or no..
      -JPM for TSM: Yes or No (this can make a lot of crashes)…

      The crashing of your game after selecting the cabin type is because of some mods you have enabled in the game, so you need to post the ones you use…

      Personally I had issues with JustPlay Mod for TSM map about that.

      1. Thanks for your answer, it was the justplay mod like what you said.
        Thanks again for your help

  8. Stroboskop!

    Yeah.. that is bug.. but if u do need the specific cabin it s OK

  9. Love the mod, but custom paint jobs (skin mods) don’t seem to work with the raised spoiler cab. I miss the skin I was using, but great mod none the less.

  10. It works with my own skins, but its better
    the globe and globe XL CABSz have only one top Color
    in the upper section

  11. FruchtigerZwerg

    the shadow on the two 8×4 are not correct, on the rear tyre is the shadow from the 6×4, can you make a update for this? *sorry for my bad english*

  12. Тут обновление:

    1. TYVMuch for update and sharing

  13. Alienwaras

    Help me. I have ets 2 going east i download this and uploaded into documents ets 2 mods. How should i get this truck

  14. Does this make the chassis shorter aswell ?

  15. Can anybody say if this mod still works on patch

    Thanks in advance!

  16. works perfect with 1.8xx without error messages

  17. Thanks Baba! 🙂

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