Volvo FH16 Black skin




16 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 Black skin

  1. please make the skin also times thank you for scania

    1. Will try soon for the Scania. regards Bluemanc.

  2. would it be possible that you can make me ready because I would also like to make my thank you for the space.

    can you send me to my e.mail.
    [email protected]

  3. Just added this wonderfull skin to my collection. Another master piece. Keep up the good work BM .. stay safe and much love baby ! <3

    1. Respect guys..Bluemanc

  4. RacingFede

    Very nice skin?? Is it possible make it available for the new Volvo FH 2013??

  5. hi bluemanc. times only a question when you have finished the skin for scania because that looks cool.

  6. Possible for tomorrow,maybe exclusive to my page.

  7. hi bluemanc. have you got skin already ready for Scania.

  8. yes.

  9. when and where can I download the skin for scania.

  10. hi bluemanc. can you please tell me when I can hit me for invite for scania runte

  11. On my FB page.. 🙂

  12. I find the link to download on your homepage not sorry.

    1. hi bluemanc. I can not find the link on your scania for the skin because for download sorry homepage

    2. Its there now. 🙂

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