Volvo FH16 Classic Board Computer


– New background color
– Zones are reading lines
– The display is always present Volvo logo
– Outside air temperature has now been added to the main screen and shows constantly
– The outside air temperature and current time allocated to individual background
– Increased the font path of the tractor
– Forgive me, developers removed testimony fuel consumption in l / h
– Changed the location coordinates of the display readings

Authors: SCS, TimKZ


3 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 Classic Board Computer

  1. T-Rieper-GER

    I am a big Volvo FH16 Classic Fan.
    My Favorite, 2nd is Scania Streamline…
    The Display looks great. Nice Work!!!

    But i need the actual speed and tempomat speed on one screen. If you could change that, it would be great.
    I know, my taste isnt real, but i need it this way.

    1. T-Rieper-GER

      SRY Tempomat speed = Cruise Control speed.
      I am from Germany, here this is called Tempomat…

  2. fanastic mod im using this now on my volvo great work and thanks for taking the time out to make it

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