Volvo FH16 Full Tuning

Full-Tuning-3 Full-Tuning-2 Full-Tuning-1

tuning for volvo fh 16

Cabin DLC
Flag DLC
ALL Tuning
Diferent tuning
new trailer

SCS, MTP, Furkan61, Kelleci


5 Responses to Volvo FH16 Full Tuning

  1. Tremonia1974 says:

    old mod!

  2. Brandon Taylor says:

    This is an old and incompatible mod that once enabled, will screw-up the light blooms on your truck, making it so that you will have to remove all of your mods, start the game without them, let the truck default back to one of the in-game ones, and then you will have to reload them all in the previous order again, without this stupid mod.

    Why do people re-upload this crap and pass it off as compatible when it’s not which then creates a huge problem for the downloader?

  3. Toni says:


  4. Tuner75 says:

    Stürzt leider ab lvl. 1.28.

  5. Alpha_911 says:

    doesn’t work with 1.28 patch….

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