Volvo FH16 grill paint


Hi everyone,
I’ve done new engines of D16.
D16A750 with black grill
D16G is original with silver grill.
You can choose between two engines for black or silver grill.
I hope that you enjoy the mod.
Best regards
Volidas Athens Hellas


10 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 grill paint

  1. can you share the wheels ?:D

  2. Nice one, thx u !!!! 10/10

  3. very cool, could you please make body paint grille too?

  4. kostashellas

    mpravo file to xreiazomoun!!!

  5. TheSniperEyes

    Great mod, thank you. I was waiting for someone to make it. Now I can have 750 with the black grill 🙂

  6. Thank you very much 🙂

  7. What is your mod supposed to do? Does it adjust the grille (black or chrome) if you change the engine?

    If so, doesn’t the game already have that function without the mod?

    1. Stantard game engines FH13 is with black grille,
      stantard game engines FH16 is with silver grille,
      so i made two FH16 engines to choose between
      black or silver grille for FH16.

  8. Can you put a link to those cool lights?

    I really like your work, thanks alot man

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