Volvo FH16 Sound


Tested: 1.3.1

Author: Bigger


9 Responses to Volvo FH16 Sound

  1. Tom says:

    I like the start up beeping could you make that for all trucks and just that sound please?

  2. Ayoub says:

    for DAF and Volvo !

  3. cold says:

    its mod not work for me :@

  4. Marcus says:

    One question, why do you put the sound on Renault Magnum in the scs file when this is for Volvo?

  5. Jimmy Hernandéz says:

    It’s “multi” sound, all trucks in one .scs and name is Volvo FH16 Sound, only from Volvo is a sound when you start engine (0:15 – 0:17).
    This is a bullshit,

  6. F says:

    This mod doesn’t work, it contains folders “magnum_int” and “magnum_ext”. Sounds of Volvo are not changed. Even when I changed the names of the folders, as it should be for Volvo – still mod not working.

  7. indotruckers says:

    In my game it is work fine but the volume sound is very quiet, please make louder in interior and exterior

  8. Y says:

    This is reupload he stole it from: mesutxf
    You can have a look at the category sounds if you want and you will find the origanal mod.

  9. jeffrey10 says:

    have you the link for truck sim map??

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