Volvo FH16 VIP

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– The vehicle is the vehicle of the SCS.
– Led: Erdem Kuzey
– Inteiror Light: With “O” Key
– Sound Mode:?
– Chrome:?
– Scania Lower Protection chrome:?
– Other Rewind Curtain Vb. 😕

– Thanks to Mert Iptaş Sisterhood Support
– Araç SCS’nin Aracıdır .
– Led : Erdem Kuzey
– İnteiror Light : “O” Tuşu İle
– Ses Modu : ?
– Krom : ?
– Scania Alt Koruma Demiri : ?
– Diğer Geri Kalan Perde Vb. : ?

– Mert Iptaş Kardeşime Desteklerinden Dolayı Teşekkürler

Faruk Aygün


One thought on “Volvo FH16 VIP

  1. Zapakosta1

    Müthiş olmus Faruk ellerine sağlık kardeşim .
    Thanks bro , it was beauty keep it up

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