Volvo fh2012 “Ronny Ceusters”


Tested in version 1.12.x
Wheels and lightbox are included in the scs file

Lightbox: Flemming Vinge
Skin Fred_be


5 Responses to Volvo fh2012 “Ronny Ceusters”

  1. CEUSTERS says:

    lykt er wel ni echt op moet een laag cabinne zyn de grill moet rood me wit de lichtbox is ni orgineel en er moet pypen opstaan

  2. Fred_be says:

    Hello Ceusters,
    It is possible to write properly? I understood nothing.
    You have the small cabin but problem with Lightbox Flemming.
    Here is the original lightbox I do not see where it is not the same?
    You criticize but why did not you do the skin yourself?

  3. CEUSTERS says:

    The light box is on the sun visor that has come to be much better tie on the roof

  4. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Nice job fred, but take 1 of my tuned Volvo fh2012 skins on the Punisher’s full paint version, You can make it on the lowcab

    Everybody pleased

    Greets from Holland, a little country between Belgium, Germany and te North Sea

  5. Faaiqaw says:

    great skin, but the original at low cab (Y)

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