Volvo FH2012 Sideskirts 6×2,6×4



Side skirts for all chassis


10 thoughts on “Volvo FH2012 Sideskirts 6×2,6×4

  1. Keyblademt

    Sick! 😀

  2. I want that mod with chains on wheels please

    1. roadrunner

      its in the winter/snow mod

  3. the does not work

  4. There is already 2 other mods that do exaktly this….

    1. what are the 2 other mods? because this one aint working

  5. Visit us direct at our page for support info, as far as I am aware the Volvo is working as I use it, its possible its conflicting with another Volvo mod, this is a full truck not just sideskirts but as ive said visit us direct at our page and one of our support team will be happy to help

  6. Now Scs just needs to put that in an update

  7. 2017/03/31,can work@@!!!!!thank you@@!!!

    1. ah…have bugs,can you make 1.27 version?

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