Volvo FM 11 370

The truck was being altered for itself.
The basis is taken Volvo FM-13 by AU44 in the adaptation of Mjtemdark under 1.38.

What was done:
• Removed all chassis configurations except 4×2.
• Only the high cab is left.
• 1 D11C370 engine.
• Sounds from the default Volvo FH 2009.
• Replaced some textures.
• The lip is now made of unpainted plastic.
• Redesigned muffler.
• Fixed front wheel fitment.
• Slightly lowering the rear axle.
• Redesigned bumper shadow. Now it’s not just the stairs that cast shadows.
• Fixed missing top of the interior outside.
• Partially returned interior textures from the default Volvo FH 2009.

Please leave the original download links when distributing.

AU44, Mjtemdark, NU444

DOWNLOAD 32 MB [mirror]

2 thoughts on “Volvo FM 11 370

  1. Dimagean Bus And Truck Driver

    Very interesting truck , comfortable and realistik. I’m Test Driver-Dimagean and link to youtube

  2. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – (VOLVO Mod) ➜➜ VOLVO FM11 🚛[1.39]

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