Volvo FM by Rebel8520 V4.6.1


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– Standelone
– 3 Type cabin
– 4×2 lowdeck, 4×2, 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×4, 6x with LogLift
– Compatibility with DLC addons (not all)
– Sideskirt for 4×2 and 4×2 lowdeck

– Add real engine
– Edit frontgrill
– New wheel (for lowdeck)
– Bottom grill with mudflaps
– Accessory table
– Delete sunshield (now is 1)
– Edit bottomgrill
– Add new frontgrill
– Mudflaps

-Rename wheels
-Edit wheels
-Edit bugs
-Table now compatibility with interior exclusiv
-Edit table

Known issues:
-Exterior wipers do not work
-Truck don’t have template

Please respect download link, don’t reupload it anywhere.

My FB page:
Please all bugs what you find write on my page thanks. (sorry for my english)

Rebel8520, Homer’S, Paťo, Dominox, 50K. and others


7 thoughts on “Volvo FM by Rebel8520 V4.6.1

  1. Very nice truck.
    It has the default Volvo sound right?

    1. Rebel8520

      Yes default sound from SCS

  2. great job as always Rebel. keep it up and thanks for sharing

  3. could you please try to make the truck compatible with the Heavy Cargo DLC? my work has 4 of these pulling flat bed trailers and heavy machinery. I’d love to drive one on ETS2 similar. fantastic work as always though. I’d be happy to download

    1. Rebel8520

      Or can you please make video what do you think?

  4. Rebel8520

    Really? I check it today.. But I think there is no problem with heavy cargo dlc

    1. WangeloITA

      When i go to the interior tuning the game crashes….
      What mod can do this conflict?

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