Volvo FM Classic 2009 AU44 edit mjtemdark 1.27

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Volvo FM Classic 2009 contains:
Chassis 4×2, 6×2 (short midlift), 6×2 (long taglift), 6×4 long
Globetrotter cab with removable spoiler
Motors 330,370,420 [E5], 460, 500 [EEV]
Tires rims and accessories hoop (nuts, hubcap, cover).
3 exhaust pipes (Short Straight [6×2 short], Left Short [4×2,6×2 long and 6×4], Left Highpipe [all chassis]).
Independent interior compatible with DLC toys
Fixed error buffer (some separate attachments)
Separated tires
Fixed collisions added compatibility advanced trailer hookup
Added UV and UV alternative can now skinear, compatible with metallic paint.
Corrected DRL lights and others.
Chassis refurbished.
Added motor power ratings.
Added independent interior, new animations.
Updated 1.27.x

The advanced trailer hitch may have problems with certain trailers.
Contains reduced UV and UV templates for skinear
Some hoops and accessories of this may not fit with other hoops or accessories for example of the game.
Does not work in previous versions
Contains an activation mod for the DLC toys.

Model AU44.
Mjtemdark edition.

AU44, mjtemdark

DOWNLOAD 36.9 MB [mirror]

9 thoughts on “Volvo FM Classic 2009 AU44 edit mjtemdark 1.27

  1. Realy nice Truck, thank you 🙂

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  3. nice model, but what’s uhm, independent about the interior?

  4. where+is+410+EEV+?

  5. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  6. please make it for chassis rigid??

    1. mjtemdark

      Suggestions and claims at in original post

  7. 1st of all,TQVM for mod!
    Overall truck are fine.

    My suggestion,

    1. can you make all part skinable? like all plastic part (grill,cassis, back tyre fender)
    2. add more cab variant
    3. fix mirror,wiper for RHD
    4. make horn, volvo emblem on front bumper removeable
    5. last thing, fix uv mapping please, it horrible when make skin, because some part did not in right position, make some color overlap in other area and the left cab area also did not follow size for right cab, adding more time to skin, need to resize whole paint for left cab.

    TQ for good mod mate. 😀

  8. Calliandr

    Модель машины отличная НО практически нет апгрейда, ну это Бог с ним как бы НО раскраска только металик, которая очень блестючая, скинов нет поддержки.

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