Volvo FM


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Volvo FM – Own model. Convert from GTS and work on blender.
All version
Own wheels

Author: Vervoort


8 Responses to Volvo FM

  1. Darren says:

    needs more tuning options. is the sound part of the mod? I like the sound

  2. Джон says:

    Красивое видео про мод Volvo FM в HD КАЧЕСТВЕ

  3. ak47gp30 says:

    add 6×2 please…

  4. DC-David says:

    Very nice truck, thank you. May I also please have the link to the trailer as well to have the combo in your pic? Thanks!

  5. Jindodog says:

    plz change your horn sound. I want Normal horn sound. and Thanks for Nice truck!

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