Volvo Fm13 Bdf


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Thank U: Scs Software, satan19990, Kirill73rus, & More

The mod is tested in 1.19 without any other mods and it worked perfectly

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DOWNLOAD 71 MB [uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 71 MB [blog]

12 thoughts on “Volvo Fm13 Bdf

  1. I think this is Olegs volvo fm from RTA

    1. U are Wrong 🙂 C

  2. thanksssssss this is the best mod i see ever :D:D:D LIKEEEE

  3. simaozinho

    Support me via paypal
    [email protected]
    ya sure if you want money make like me go to work or wake all the mornings early and go find one and don’t use other guys mods and put your name on it its disgusting

    1. I’m not in a European country I do not have a way to charge my account in PayPal and from this made-up
      I do not beg and thank you note
      A reminder : the money to buy models

  4. Hi Taina95
    Trailers can not be used !
    game log view error: Invalid cargo ‘cargo.sausages’ in company ‘company.permanent.polarislines’:
    No trailer specified for this cargo!

    1. i will fix problem

  5. Gary Senker

    The interior is from from an FH16 and a poor replica at that. Oh maybe it’s because it was SCS who made it 🙂 Perhaps you could add something to the interior to make it less boring. Most people use inside view when driving. If the interior is exactly the same as a vanilla truck why would you use this mod?

    1. Step by step in the next release will be a change at interior
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  6. Only haters here today?!? Good work on that one! Keep it up… maybe a challenge with RTA… make tihs one as 4×2? Would be great!

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