Volvo FMX 540


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– Power 540 hp
– 4×2 Chassis
– Interior
– Metallic Skin
– Light mask
– Bacon on the roof

-Redone fueltanks
-Redone interior (textures was made in better quality)
-Fixed mirrors
-Fixed AO
-Fixed another minor bugs
-Addapted for latest versions

Authors: Jon-Ruda, Jekich1


9 Responses to Volvo FMX 540

  1. Henrik says:

    Why is there bacon on the roof? 😀 😉

    • Steve says:

      So that you’d have something to eat if you have forgot your lunch at home ;P

  2. freddy says:


  3. Diablo says:

    Video test

  4. craig says:

    incompatible mod ?

  5. Diablo says:

    being impersonated by my nickname

  6. jay ashby says:

    yeah it isnt compatible with the lastest version please update as its one of my favourite trucks

  7. voyager says:

    mod not supported V 1.24

  8. Marcel1801 says:

    dafaq is this mod! its incompartable with 1.24! I wanted to change the version it was woking on to 1.24 but the file is corrupted… so…

    -> if someone has access to the file:
    – go into the “manifest”-file and change the last row to this “v1.24.x”


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