Volvo FMX 540 Meiler Kipper


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Volvo FMX 540 Meiler Kipper
– test on v1.21
– has Wheels
– has Interior
– Bacon
– Meiler Kipper construction
Author: Jekich1, jon-ruda, SCS

Jekich1, jon-ruda, SCS

DOWNLOAD 31.9 MB [removed]

27 thoughts on “Volvo FMX 540 Meiler Kipper

  1. Mr.GermanTruck
  2. RhastalordTV
  3. Ok, and what’s the point, what mission can I do with this truck? or is just for amusement, for driving on the roads, without an objective.

    1. That’s a question that SCS needs to answer.

    2. Use passenger mod. I drive the truck in the EAA bus mod where i pic up passengers

  4. At first ,the authors correctly pointed out. Because jon-ruda’s not in the business. he has his own model and higher quality

  5. BearGrylls

    Velekolepny review Fashion

  6. Isn’t that a paid mod?

  7. grouplaine

    What makes sense !?
    Of goods by registered delivery for this truck!?

    Still this mod is a curve, truck no front lights!

    From idleness your destroyed brain!

  8. DejvíkCZ

    can not download

    1. Because the link is removed

  9. VERY SHOW……

  10. Will there be another link?

    1. go to youtube

  11. yesyourmom

    You can’t download

  12. Turkısh :D

    If you don’t share , why are you putting pictures ?
    I wish you’d do share .
    We’ve got eyes.

  13. JallenPlays

    You cannot download this mod as it has been released without permission hence why the download link has been removed.

  14. Roy_trucker

    the mod no have Light mask and flare at headlamp?

    some one fix it. I really love that model but need some correction

  15. HD Review here——

  16. ffffffffff


  17. Knut Inge Eide

    Is It having a towing hitch? To drag tandem trailers?

  18. Guys if you want download is here
    it is not 31 mb but 146 mb.

  19. The lighter does not have a steering wheel in all the fm models in the cabin thank you will get 4 stars could for 10 the davit is nicely designed

  20. محمد عبد

    very good

  21. udapte 1.30 please !!

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