Volvo FMX Kipper Rework by Mistersix 1.1 [Trailer added]

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Hello! Time has come for the brand new uptade.
What has changed?
– added own-made ownable trailer with own cargo(currenty 3, in future more will come)
– lack of job is no more!
– added cargo to equip for kipper
– added cable support for truck and trailer(you have to install this manually in workshop for truck)
– Fixed many bugs and errors
– Added snow plow version with plow and snow compartment(Base by @beni)
– changed smoke direction for the proper one
– Added rear mudflap
– You can install own licence plate when plow is equipped
– Some model improvements

Mod replaces one of the volvo’s model in volvo dealership.
Copy on another forum is allowed but keep oryginal link! Please do not reupload. Instruction how to install compatibility addon for tuning mods is provided in read me file. I recommend to use with SiS´L megapack addon and jeyjey pack for interior accesories.
More cargoes are planned in future aswell as another improvements.
Tested on 1.36

Feel free to support me on paypal – zmodeler costs some money


“Mistersix, Jon Ruda, Wendigo, Abasstreppas, Ohaha, Pendragon, Eugene”


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11 thoughts on “Volvo FMX Kipper Rework by Mistersix 1.1 [Trailer added]

  1. mistersix

    Small fix that removes unnecessary flare on the back

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.36…

  4. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.36

  5. Thanks! I love FMX. will you also do a tractor version? Similiar to this mod:

    Or maybe help to combine this mod? many thanks!

  6. Good truck! But device panel not work.

  7. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.36…

  8. mehrab rjl

    is it work on 1.35

  9. I have problem NO TRUCK SOUND???

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