Volvo FMX Kipper Rework by Mistersix v 1.6 [MegaMod]

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-wipers now working in external view
-minor fixes
-2 new dumpers with matching loads (called xxxx_for_dumper_red and xxxx_for_dumper_black)
-new LIEBHERR cement mixer
-new concrete pump chasiss
-added skin template
-fixed incorrect wheels definitions
Mod Features:
– 2 own trailers with own cargo[ore, sand, gravel, coal, rubble and dirt]
– trailers are ownable in dealer
– cable support
– flag and cabin dlc support
– complex tuning
– new accesories
– many slots
– cargo ready to equip for truck’s kipper
– snow addon
– 3 chasiss
– smoke ready to equip
– custom licence plate ready
– own wheels
– interior lights and truck info system ready
– metallic skin support
– Few versions of kipper
– cement mixer applicable
– own beacons
– additional slot for accessories in cabin
– fully compatible with jeyjey and sisl cabin addons (require these mods to make it work)
– animated rear mudflap
– additional accesories made for screen purposes
– kipper can be opened when selected in service configuration
– dirty windshield ready to attach
– own headlamp
– own interior accesories
– working engine badges
– decals and stickers
– skin template

Mistersix, Jon Ruda, Wendigo, Abasstreppas, Ohaha, Eugene. Some parts authors:sisq,kyto,mtp,afrosmiu,galimim,roadhunter,jazzycat,bigT


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16 thoughts on “Volvo FMX Kipper Rework by Mistersix v 1.6 [MegaMod]

  1. Thank you so much !

  2. i cant seem to make it work it doesnt show on my mods when i open the game

    1. mistersix

      dont place dowloaded folder into mods, you have to open him and then pick files with mod.

    2. i need video tutorial. anyone have on youtube?

      1. basic tasks…

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    Thank you for the update
    Video Test 1.36…

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  5. where can y the template in the mod set

    1. mistersix

      In the mod archive

      1. y have found but ready , than where y put it in

  6. mistersix

    There is a bug with no texture sand. It will be fixed in the next version. If you don’t want to wait it can be fixed by just finding texture, copy that and paste in vehicle/truck/upgrade/load.

    1. where can y place my skin ?

  7. GermanETS2Driver

    Why isnt 50k addons sii file not anymore included in the folder extra files?

  8. scooterking


  9. Mr_Jackp0t

    Test Video…

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