Volvo FMX

Volvo-FMX-1 Volvo-FMX-2

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– Power 540 hp
– 4×2 Chassis
– Interior
– Metallic Skin
– Light mask
– Bacon on the roof

Game Version: 1.21

Authors: Jekich 1 (3D Model), jon – ruda


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30 thoughts on “Volvo FMX

  1. Mr.GermanTruck
  2. Такое же гавно, как и goba

    1. Если понимаешь – молодец.
      Не хрень оскорблять людей, если тебе не понравился мод, так как оскорбляет goba и Piratxxx11

  3. make the realistic interior ( dashboard .. )

  4. Blaziken777Sverige

    Nice truck, but it would be appreciated if there was more customization, such as more lights etc.
    But in overall i’ll give this 6/10

  5. Harald-RS

    If you can integrate please still the cabins-cultivation points “Cabin-DLC” still in the Interior please.

  6. Maximka.L

    Как и твои работы.

  7. I think what would make this mod better is if it was an 8 x 4 chassis tipper with a UK interior they are always on British roads

  8. jake_the_snake

    Very good base to create fantastic addon. FMX is a workhorse, it must have at least 6×4, 8×4 and “8×4 tridem” chassis versions (they are used in real life in tractor units). The real interior would be nice and some customisation options too. But still a nice truck to have and drive. Thx.

  9. Adrian Gabriel

    Very nice truck !

    Hope we will see updates, because this one is gold. Could do with some more real chassis for it and maybe the real interior would be nice as well.

    Thank you !

  10. A bit of shame that it doesnt contain much for customization. but i prefer this rather than too many fancy and unrealistic parts.

  11. I’m always amazed how kiddies barely allowed to drive a tricycle call themselves competent to criticize other peoples’ efforts. Good job on the FMX.

  12. tarek1508

    can you make a 8×4 chassis with dump

  13. WobblyCaptain

    Nice would love to see more custom parts available for the truck maybe a future update 🙂

  14. Here’s the video check it out then

  15. Adriandelahunedoara

    Bacon on the roof?Downloading right now…

  16. Please add more tuning. Otherwise great mod 7/10

  17. o fmx o volvo mais legal da categoria

  18. gillou_18

    it’s a great truck …
    just if possible with an update of the flagship 2015 model (DRL) …
    latterales bar also as a skirt ???
    Thank you

  19. Trucker23

    Its not compitable with the latest version of the game

  20. alex doel

    can someone make this a 6×6 in right had drive plz

  21. The mod is incomplatible with 1.22 game version

  22. Please add compatibility to 1.22

  23. Please delete version on manifest

  24. Will it work on 1.28??
    If not, please uptade it, because it looks amazing on these pictures

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