Volvo G7 1600 Edit

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8 thoughts on “Volvo G7 1600 Edit

  1. hello friend wanted to know how I can get the mod bus terminal and traffic you would greatly appreciate it.


      hello friend terminals come with the map EAA bus brazil. in a couple of days I’ll upload if you want to subscribe to my channel so you hear greetings thanks

  2. gamer enjoy

    too big file.. use …i had limitation to download in i just give 50mb only capacity storage…


      well thanks for the info I will try to solve it thanks greetings

  3. gamer enjoy

    crash in v1.25.x.x and in map promods

  4. hello, i was playing with this mod, when i arrived at the toll the bus can’t pass through it. I can’t pay the toll, because the barrier is blocking the way. Is there any way to fix this? Any mod that i can use to remove the barrier or something? thx

  5. ops… sorry for the missing information, my game version is 1.25

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