Volvo Giovanella skin


Stylish skin for Volvo truck. Tested with 1.3.1 ETS2 version.
Author: Marcelo Santos


13 thoughts on “Volvo Giovanella skin

  1. Hello ! Where can I download this Volvo? Or New Volvo truck? Euro 5-6?
    Thank you !
    Bye :Balu

    1. Hello ! Where can I download this Volvo?
      Tank you…

  2. Hello ! Where can I download this Volvo?

    tank you my friend.

  3. I think it’s in the Truck Shop Mod 7.2, it’s a few posts back on this site.

  4. guys, the volvo is the default one in the game. the part around the grill is made black on this skin

    1. It’s definitely not the default one
      The truck is lowered, windows are tinted and headlights are black.

  5. It doesn’t work i don’t I dl this mod and nothing happned:(

    1. You have to download the mod not “don’t dl” the mod for it to work bro.

      1. sorry for my english i dl this mod but i can’t see this on my volvo paint:(

  6. i download it but i cant see it in game…i know for windows and lights but how he painted the mask black?

  7. I’d love to download it to check it, but I’m not going to log in for a download.

    Maybe this one only works for the Volvo cab from the 7.2 Truck Shop. But I can’t check it 😉

    1. i check it doesn’t work 🙁 with 7.2 TS

  8. Strobskop!

    How can i download it? 🙂 it wanna accout of me

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