Volvo Glass Sticker V2

This mode adds a glass sticker to the game.

This mode works on all Scania trucks.

Dont Change Link.!!!

Enjoy it.
Bu mod oyuna bir cam çıkartması ekler.

Bu mod Tüm Scania tırlarda çalışır.

Keyfini Çıkarın.



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7 thoughts on “Volvo Glass Sticker V2

  1. camin2000

    MLT ??

    Main author by Schulli add name in the credits.

    1. Kevin Naldony

      No schulli isnt the main autor lol

      1. camin2000

        sticker_schulli sure sure.. “lol”

  2. “This mode works on all Scania trucks.”
    But this shows on Volvo… LOL

    1. Kevin Naldony

      and where is the problem – JoachimK everytime i look on u are writing rubbish

      1. I think, I do not speaking to you, little Spam Kid. LOL
        When you write on Sites, is only Spam and aggressive, because you have nothing to say at Home… hahaha

    2. İ am copy paste my antoher mods .

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