Volvo HediTrans Skin



Truck Mod : Ohaha Volvo v18.5s



6 thoughts on “Volvo HediTrans Skin

  1. Faelandaea

    Woah. Nice trailer, too. Is that available here also?

  2. Link to wheels?

    1. Faelandaea

      That would be these:

      However – they are NOT available for version 1.17x or later due to the new wheel formats. The author above had to have modified them to separate the tires from the rims. But they are definitely the 50K wheel pack.

      1. Faelandaea

        Nevermind. I wish you could edit/delete comments on this forum, but I had my mind on Scania when i posted that. The Volvo wheels HAVE been updated:

        Hope that helps.

        1. Thanks, but those are not the wheels

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