Volvo Hybrid Truck for Multiplayer


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Tested on 1.19
is “legal” and safe to use it on multiplayer community.
go in singleplayer, activate the mod,
go in VOLVO dealer, search for hybrid VOLVO, customize ONLY Cabin, interior, paints and tuning, DO NOT change any chassis, and any engine, in case, game will crash.
It has Actros MP4 chassis and renault premium engine sound.
hope you like it, Enjoy!

KiLLer Modding


20 Responses to Volvo Hybrid Truck for Multiplayer

  1. Mex says:

    Why do you make this #### of crap. looks like ####.

  2. Ramon says:

    Stop making this ####.

  3. HWDP says:


  4. Darren says:

    looks HORRIBLE much like the rest of your messed up crossbreed creations!

  5. ctrlaltdelaxel says:

    pls stop upload this ####.. mercedes bumper on a volvo… (facepalm)

  6. Hedegaard says:

    Do you even know what a hybridcar is ?
    Its a car that starts driving with an electric motor.. and when it hits 30 km/h (18.64 mph), then the engine starts and drive the car/bus/truck..
    The driver can in some also decide if he want to drive electric or not.

    • Smith says:

      Do you know what the WORD hybrid means? It’s not a word used ONLY for hybrid electric cars. Before you start telling people they’re stupid you might try to use a dictionary. Stupid!

  7. CarbonUndercover says:

    you are #####! Stop making shits

  8. Evox says:

    NUTS !

  9. Darsh71 says:

    Salut, franchement, chacun ses gouts, mais pour ce qui me concerne, cette “mode” hybride je trouve ça réellement ridicule.

  10. Sire says:

    This here is a good place for good mods.
    But such scrap ruins everything !!!

  11. Dado-J says:

    These things are done by those who do not know their Creativity focused in the right direction, and
    think they know everything. In fact they know very little, because, called freak hybrid is proof of ignorance or lack of general education. These people, no offense, are somewhat
    perverted understanding. What is the most poor and unappealing for them is good and great.
    I think that these and similar items should not be published on this website.

  12. asiangeek says:

    Well no one has done this before…why all the hate? Just maybe he’ll create something good but I guess the bullies killed him now with this feedback…

  13. pete says:

    All these ###### in the comments don’t get it. These are for MULTIPLAYER, to stand out from the crowd of identical trucks

  14. UKDemon says:

    Yer not the best looking but not sure if it a glitch but christ it accelerates faster than the unmodded FH XL 750 Iv got

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