Volvo Interior Sound Louder & New Horn for_v1.4.8


This mod enhances the sound of the engine, exhaust, retarder and more.
The sound increases at 6 or 12 decibels.

It also adds a horn better.

Choose only one to use.

Created and tested on v1.4.8, test in another version.

Author: Nabeta


5 thoughts on “Volvo Interior Sound Louder & New Horn for_v1.4.8

  1. scrawderman

    What the interior?

  2. Wich seat position mod are you using?

  3. Whats the mod to make the turbo gauge works?

    1. It’s not a mod. Download latest game patch.

  4. Ghostrider

    DL Link wants registration when you choose free DL.. please change it..

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