Volvo Lightbox (skinnable)


This is a mod that covers up the globetrotter sign with a skinnable sign.
Please respect the readme from the original author. Keep the file unlocked when redistributing.

It can be bought in the roofbar section.

Grtz BartvHam

Author: Daltontune


8 thoughts on “Volvo Lightbox (skinnable)

  1. This is really useful!

  2. MasterOfKristian

    Great Work!

  3. Great work! Could you make the grill skinnable aswell?

    1. You can do that in Truckshop 7.2 (grille and rear fenders)

      But sadly not the front fenders, those are still grey plastic

      1. How do you do that ? I cannot find the template ?

  4. plz help me,
    i want to skin the lightbox but my SCS Extractor don’t work????
    is there an other option to skin the lightbox???

  5. MasterOfKristian

    The Download Link doesnt work.
    New one please

  6. Can you change it from roofbar upgrade pleasee !

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