Volvo NH-12 edit by mjtemdark

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This mod adds to ETS2 the standalone Volvo NH-12 2000, thanks to mjtemdark for the hard work over this beast!

Volvo NH-12 has:
> 2 cabins (L & Globetrotter)
> many chassis options (including low chassis)
> realistic engines & transmissions
> 2 standalone interiors
> many accessories
> metallic painting
> own sound (open pipe)
Upgrades by mjtemdark
> New interior animations (liftable axle, differential lock, engine brake);
> Fixed textures & materials;
> Fixed collisions;
> Added missing shadows;
> Models updated & fixed, added missing UV;
> Updated defs;
> Advanced coupling enabled;
> Includes template for skins.
Full credits:
Gabriel Costa (model)
Robert Lima (edition & converting)
mjtemdark (final edition, upgrades & fixes)
PLEASE DON’T REUPLOAD, USE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINKS! Mod working only with v1.27 of the game, you’ll get a game crash on earlier versions.

Robert Lima, mjtemdark

DOWNLOAD 22 MB [Mirror]

4 thoughts on “Volvo NH-12 edit by mjtemdark

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. mjtemdark

    Please update the links to last version

  3. After downloading and installing – I was big disappointed because the cheap and annoying engine sound.
    It’s horrible.
    And the motor brake sound is like a steam locomotive – releasing the steam pressure.
    People, please give a look into it and change that sound into something more real sound, okay?
    By the way: In interior view and looking the mirrors, I see the back wheels hovering above the ground…?!?!

    1. mjtemdark

      if you want new sound, you to need request a professional sound editor, I don’t edit sounds because it’s a very difficult task, if you want you can try to do it, and about the another request shadow isn’t exact position, and that looks like that. I tried to fixed it in another update, Of course if you ask for it in a good way.

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