Volvo NH12

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Author: MoD JúNioR, ADEA Kings, Tonho


5 thoughts on “Volvo NH12

  1. is it so hard put even little info???!!!!!!

  2. Sarkissian

    Does this truck REPLACE other trucks???
    Does it work with 1.3.1??
    Why can’t the uploader provide some information about the truck???
    Is that so hard, or can’t you type???
    You expect us to download your mods but you don’t give any info with them??
    If I was the owner of this site, one could NOT upload anything without a good info or readme file posted with the upload!!!

  3. george frost

    God hes done a mod and released it give him some
    Credit he could off kept it private theres no need to
    Give him Grief cuz he hasent left a bit off info! Whay dont u test it and then you will find out what you want to no wont u !!!

    1. Bart van Ham

      I give someone “credit” if the mod is good and there is useful info with it. We don’t have to fall to our knees everytime someone makes a mod.

      It does not replace truck, it appears standalone at the Volvo dealer.

  4. You HAVE to buy this truck in the volvo shop in Luxembourg

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