Volvo NL 12 1994

volvo-nl-12-1994-1 volvo-nl-12-1994-2 volvo-nl-12-1994-3

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A converted truck, from old games, to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Siebel3D, Kriechbaum, and others “unkown”


9 thoughts on “Volvo NL 12 1994

  1. Interior? Sound?

    1. Yes. Sound by Kriechbaum and interior remodeled, just don’t have a picture.

  2. Video Test on my Youtube Channel

  3. Albert96rus

    Video test 1.26:

  4. This+truck+was+made+100%+robyx+10+years+a+go

    1. That’s why I put in the description “A converted truck, from old games”.

  5. Exterior needs to be reworked. Interior is ok but missing cabin and flag dlc.

  6. Roman Gamer

    Review modification Volvo NL12 on my Youtube Channel

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