Volvo open pipe


I hope that you enjoy the mod.
Exterior interior same.



17 Responses to Volvo open pipe

  1. kriechbaum says:

    Very well done ! Sounds great

  2. kriechbaum says:

    Yes, just you should improve the 1200 exhaust, we can hear when the sound is being repeted, the link isn’t perfect.

  3. kriechbaum says:

    Here it is, i made it for u, no more popping when the sound is being repeted.


    • Volidas says:

      Ok big gay.
      I use audacity and nero wave editor and still now i can’t figure out how i can do the file not popping????
      Thank’s for doing that.!

      • Volidas says:

        I hear it..Ok respect!!!
        Make it for d/l it’s your turn now half is yours.

  4. kriechbaum says:

    Humm, with audacity, cut/paste the good piece of the sound file, i mean the piece that has the less possible of speed variations.

    Then use the “repair” option to improve the link quality. Also you can create a tempo track to increase/reduce the speed of the initial sound file, to make it constant, then it will be much easier to make it much longer.


    • Volidas says:

      Ok i get it thank’s a lot and do it for d/l…

      • kriechbaum says:

        U’re welcome. Nothing is mine, i hope that these tips will help u in the future for your futures sounds mods.

        So re-post here the updated sound, it’s not mine, i did almost nothing on it.

        Bye 🙂

  5. kostas says:

    bravo file …. me ekanes na xanakavaliso to volvo

    • Volidas says:

      Kosta einai ksekourasto to volvo.
      Eimai 53 kai to scania to exo stin kardia mou
      apo ta 15 mou alla 5 xronia me to FH apo to 141
      itan les kai kathomoun spiti kai oxi sto dromo.

  6. fredbull says:

    Really nice job,i like the fact that u ear the original engine sound off throttle.i ve been driving the FH for years and it looks really good
    If i can suggest something,u should lower the exhaust brake by 200/300 rpm and also the volume of it by maybe 10/20%
    If there is no “natural rpm” value in the scs file(to define the base pitch),u can make it with the pitch in audacity if i am not wrong.
    For the rest,nothing to say,looks like kriechbaum’s gonna have concurrecny 🙂

  7. minetoo says:

    where can I download the updated version? Very nice sound indeed.

  8. minetoo says:

    Where can I download the updated ones?

  9. Ha_Wik says:

    Terrible sound. Not even close to the real truck sound.

  10. edgar jesus aguilar says:

    amigo ese mod sirve para la version 1.3.1

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