Volvo Skin Devil Woman

The file contains 2 skins.
At first the color is standard.
In the second you can change it to any metallic color you want.

Big pictures Devil woman

wallpaper volvo



4 thoughts on “Volvo Skin Devil Woman

  1. What volvo do i need to make this work please?

    1. Hi Nick
      Basically it works on all Volvo except “classic” and Globetrotter XL 8×4 (this one with extra wings).
      But to have exactly what you see in the photos you need to download and install the new Volvo ohaha.

      I think that is in link below

      But i’m not sure, maybe can help some another friend from here.

      1. Hello,

        you can find the Version for 1.35 here:

        Have Fun.

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