Volvo Skin Transport V1 Fix

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Volvo Skin STOKHOLM.COM Transport

Created by FarmerBeavis

Credits: FarmerBeavis

Software used: Pixelmator, Photoshop CC

Tested on 1.27.x

v1 FIX with skins for:

Volvo FH 16 by Eugene


Fleet# and Lightbox now in correct color!


Eugene’s Volvo FH&FH16 Reworked

Skin is only compatible for this mod – Lightbox texture for ‘custom’ option in lightbox is included as well. Eugene’s mod can be found here:

Fleet Number

On preview picture you see truck with different fleet# but for release this was changed back to 51 since Mr. Flemming has requested for 144 to remain “his” number.

For questions or feedback you can find me on Facebook (FarmerBeavis) and Twitter (@FarmerBeavis) or visit my Youtube channel:

Special Shoutout to all my friends and Mr. Flemming who requested this skin originally and agreed to have it shared with the public!

Have fun and keep on trucking,




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