Volvo VM 310

YouTube preview

– Available at Renault
– Multiple engine options
– Own interior
– Various options of internal and external accessories
– Working perfectly on version 1.31.x

Souza SG


6 Responses to Volvo VM 310

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Video test here … nice 😀

  2. SidVicious says:

    Why is this available at Renault, if it is a Volvo?

  3. bones says:

    What a joke!! Volvo with old Renault premium salon?!

    • Him who hates haters says:

      Btch either enjoy the mod or don’t download…if it was created on Lady Gaga’s d**k who cares…so what if it’s made based on Renault? Maybe it has better templates to work on and he can make faster and better progress than making it from the scratch did you ever think about that?…it’s really nice Volvo so pls -.-“

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