VOLVO VNL 2018 V2.15s

2.15: Added removable USDOT sticker
Added Engine badges
Separated chrome kickplate
Added separated Globetrotter stickers
Added Clean Idle stickers
Improved glass def files
Adjusted glass locators
Convert ETS2 1.35.xx
Company Truck fix
Optimized new model(no more loss fps)
Fixed headlight patterns
Some bug fixes
Missing objects fixed
Have fun
Sold in mod truck manager
And thanks to kriechbaum



4 thoughts on “VOLVO VNL 2018 V2.15s

  1. KarenGrigoryan

    Сейчас версия 2.21 актуальная. Зачем старая версия 2.15 нужна?
    Now version 2.21 is actual. Why is the old version 2.15 needed?

  2. Sgt.Kanyo

    Which tanker is that?

  3. Gustavisimo

    I got the same question ^^

  4. ismail ozdemir

    Thank you for your work but hood mirrors still crash… If they crash please remove them….

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