Volvo VNL 660

Volvo VNL 660

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– 1 cabin
– 1 chassis
– Your salon
– Tuning is no (It’s all on the machine)
– No its wheels
– 3 modes of operation of the wipers

Authors: Санек Сентяков, Даниил Шамшура, Vlad5236


11 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 660

  1. “no its wheels” Oh, i thought it was elephants, #### :/

    “your saloon” Thank god, was getting worried if it was someone elses saloon 😮

  2. Not appearing at any dealer (Volvo included)

  3. pl_tv_software

    American Truck – Volvo VNL 670

    latest edition-

    1. LionBuster

      660 rlz!

    2. deception in a roller not that model of a track

  4. cant remove the russian flag inside…….DELETED from mod folder bye bye

  5. If anyone can’t guess where they sell this truck, it is sold in a\with Volvo!

  6. pl_tv_software

    Volvo VNL 660
    Video review & Downl.:

  7. Очередная ХРЕНЬ!!!

  8. scania_dragon

    tuning-parts doesn’t appear

  9. Dashboard from the old FH? With the display unreadable behind the wheel

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