Volvo VNL 670 for ETS2 v 1.4 by Aradeth

Volvo-VNL-670-1 Volvo-VNL-670-2 Volvo-VNL-670-3

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***Don’t forget to extract the file. It contains truck mod, cabin acc. dlc add-on and truck skin template.

***If you’re using any VNL670 mod in ETS 2 before,
sell your truck and deactivate the old mod.
After that activate this mod and buy the truck.

***This mod isn’t compatible with OpenGL (MAC) for now.
(I’m working on the fix.)
But works without any error on Windows.

* The truck is avaliable for quick jobs and it’s standalone.
* If you have FPS problems, don’t use chrome parts much.

*It’s ported version of VNL670 for ATS v1.4 by Aradeth

See the full changelog from here:

Authors: Aradeth, Kriechbaum, ohaha, Martinezio, Piva, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz, Snekko, TruckManiac, Malcom37, Peerke 145, vovangt4 ,AU44, None, Nado, Big Bob, AlexeyP, SCS


10 Responses to Volvo VNL 670 for ETS2 v 1.4 by Aradeth

  1. Misha says:

    Видео можно?

  2. Space Cam says:

    Nice truck, but one problem can the fenders be removed totally no half or nothing so you will have the options if want any or not. but it is a cool truck how about adding some 1000 and more engines to the engine pack. with some rough or rugged sound. any way tits a cool truck i love the tri axkles.

  3. FragmaniaGame says:

    1080p HD Test Video:

  4. lord_boatrace says:

    absolutely perfect thank you !!!!!!

  5. H.Trucker says:

    Hi good mod but Please, can you change the files extension of .zip to .scs, please? Sometimes there are failures because files are in .zip

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