Volvo VNL 670 v 1.6 by ARADETH for ETS2 (Official Update)

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– Find the truck in VOLVO Dealers, it’s standalone.
– Compatible with only ETS2 v1.32
v1.6 (Oct 27, 2018)
-Added trailer cable support.
-Removed RJL air hose racks.
-Fixed some of the “Creation of ‘cabin’ baked model failed” errors.
-Fixed some def files
-Added new SteamPunk Skin
Skin template:
!?!? If the left mirror looks reversed,
sell your bonnet(hood) mirrors and buy them again.
*** If you appreciate my efforts you can send me a present : ***

Aradeth, SCS, Kriechbaum, TomDooley, Piva, ohaha, RJL, AlexeyP, Martinezio(Others in the description file)


12 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 670 v 1.6 by ARADETH for ETS2 (Official Update)

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.32….

  2. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.32

  3. I have no other Volvo mods activated on my profile but i still cant find this truck in any dealer 🙁

    1. Give the VNL mod higher priority in mod manager then you will see it. Place the mod top of the mod manager list.

  4. You neethe fix the L small mirror she’s invert

    1. Learn to read the description before downloading a mod blindly. There is already an explanation for your issue.

      ^^^This includes the youtubers above too…

  5. charlesphx

    Très bon mod. Effets sonores et textures très réalistes.

  6. Douglas Crentsil

    This is an amazing mod but I have two problems which I hope will be addressed in the next update:
    1. The name of the truck is not VNL 670 its VNL 760.
    2. The steering is quite loose making driving at top speeds challenging. Please adjust it to match the steering of vanilla trucks in the game.
    Aside these two, its a fantastic mod great job.

  7. esta+muy+bueno

  8. esta muy bueno el mods pero se laje en otra partes

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