Volvo VNL 670 [v1.23]


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I’m huge fan of driving with VNL 670 under ETS2, and I was looked over internet for version working properly with current game update.
Saddly, my searches failed.
test on v1.21
– added support for DLC Cabin Accessories (additional SCS file inside archive with defs and dlc defined slots inside cabin),
– added two additional chassis with liftable rear axles (middle-lift, and rear-lift)
– truck enabled to the quick job market
– preparation for enabling wipers movement in external view (currently wipers are static due to problems with animation definition – to be fixed)
– rewritten material definition for cabin painting in internal view for exact match with external view
– couple of fixes in the main cabin mesh (ie. filled gap between front glass and the dashboard)
– many small touches, which I can’t remember now

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19 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 670 [v1.23]

  1. Good job, please keep upgrading your truck.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на русском

  3. Всё тот-же старый тягач. Дворники снаружи не работают, мухобойка из салона не видна. Только висюлек добавили.

  4. why is it that the numbers on the dashboard is faded so you cant see them 😀 !!!!!! its on all the VNL mods that i have and i dont know how too fix this problem does anyone know how to fix ????????????????

  5. Hello I’m looking for the templates for Volvo VNL 670 you can help me

  6. Good job… but, try to do something realistic with the engine.
    Only volvo or Cumins are on the VNL 670

  7. hahaha

  8. keeps crashing for me. Why?

  9. Blaziken777Sverige

    A very beautiful mod! 🙂

  10. Pls add fh 16 2012 cabin for VNL 670

  11. KobraKing

    This is a really nice mod.. Love the truck… But i prefer the UK driving side interior… Please add and this will be perfect

  12. FatLizard

    One word only … Great ! 🙂 … Thx for sharing.

  13. LazMohawk

    Nice truck BUT my sounds disapears after less than an hours driving !? All sounds, even my menu sounds ? Have to restart ETS 2 each time it do that. No matter what engine I choose.
    Plz fix the sound issue, othervise a very good truck.
    I do have a good soundcard; Sound blaster Zx, 24-bit / 192kHz audio output

  14. _Ancesium_

    Overtime I try to either purchase the truck or customize the configuration, the game will crash.

  15. LazMohawk

    Did you fix the sound issue ?

    Never mind, I’ll take a spin with it.

  16. quiero el mods

  17. Excellent fashion, with pleasure tested in the game and shot a movie. I propose to view: Euro Truck Simulator 2, Install the Volvo VNL 670. # 10

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