Volvo VNL 780 Engines & Transmissions


– This mod add 4 new engines: 1000, 1250, 1500, 2500 hp
– This mod add 2 new transmissions: 18 speed + 4 reverse & 22 speed

Author: Sly


8 Responses to Volvo VNL 780 Engines & Transmissions

  1. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Thanks…This should get the VNL780 up to speed much faster. Now if someone was able to create some skins for this vehicle…….

  2. Rocket455Man says:

    Is this mod for AU44’s version 0.5?

    Or which version is suitable?

  3. @dr_jaymz says:

    hi, where can i i find this truck?

    • Sly says:

      You find this truck in truck section in this site 😉 !

  4. Martin says:

    Relly need a nice Sound mod

  5. MigaraMadawa says:

    Thank You Bro.
    I can Add This Mod For My Map

  6. zackster187 says:

    where do i find the truck

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