Volvo VNL 780 Harley Davidson

Volvo VNL 780 Harley Davidson (1) Volvo VNL 780 Harley Davidson (2)

Chassis 6×4 and 6×6.
Fixed errors.
Are a separate slot.
Bought in the cabin of the Volvo.
Added second mode wipers.
Optimized trailer(eats less resources).
Added rims and tires.
Spelled out in traffic.
Adapted 1.19
Added manifest for the mod Manager
Tested on 1.19

The author of the corrections and adaptation: vovangt4

scs, Santos Primus, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz aka, Snekko, TruckManiac, Peerke 145,vovangt4


10 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 780 Harley Davidson

  1. Melichov_SU
  2. vovangt4 … why do you constantly upload old mods? you have no permission to do this because it is not your mods!

    and this mod is from may 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Sire – author of adaptation – vovangt4 v1.19
      You tell nonsense of the patient.
      It not to be pleasant to you, pass by and not to arrange here a silly hysterics!

      1. Faelandaea

        @Dragone – he hasn’t even downloaded the file. He’s just trolling.

        For everyone else, this mod is just fine and many thanks to the original folks who made the truck, and even more thanks to the one(s) who updated it to 1.19x. It is appreciated.

    2. Faelandaea

      Ehm . . . some of the original files may be from back then, but for a mod that is “not updated”, it sure has a nice 1.19x manifest file setup, and my error log has 0 errors in it, meaning this baby is indeed brought to 1.19x standards. You clearly saw this in the video, and you also clearly saw this in the files when you unpacked the SCS files and examined them before installation, so I am not understanding the meaning of such a post.

      1. you have no errors? the first eight lines in the log shows “model in old format detected” and these are just the first lines. anyway vovangt4 only upload old scrap with errors and without permission.

  3. Piratxxx11

    Only yelow lines, yes, old model…..not nice VNL….imho-dont down this…

  4. Faelandaea

    Well every mod I download I always add my own tuning before I even bother putting it in my game. Same with this one. I popped it open, added my tuning, added my own skin, exported it and it had no errors. Pretty much everyone does this anyway, so it is nothing new and everyone can do it easily.

    If anyone is getting an “old model” error, just pop it into Blender then re-export with the “1.4x” box checked and that error will go away. Takes like 10 seconds to do the entire process of import/export. Easy fix and well worth it for a working VNL for 1.19x. This is the first one that doesn’t crash the game for me, so it’s still the best download so far.

    1. ..of course you won’t get errors if you FIX THEM YOURSELF BEFORE USING!

      Not everyone is going to do that.

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