Volvo VNL 780 Reworked V1.26x (By FrankBrasil)

volvo-vnl-780-reworked-1 volvo-vnl-780-reworked-2 volvo-vnl-780-reworked-3

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Volvo Dealer
Add in traffic
Add new accessories
New steering wheel system

Updated for version 1.26.x
Not replaced. Buy Volvo dealers
New improvements and sounds

Author Reworked by Malcom37
Author Base model by AU44
Author improvements and sounds by Kriechbaum
Author Edition and Update for 1.26x by FrankBrasil


21 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 780 Reworked V1.26x (By FrankBrasil)

  1. como se instala?

  2. MARIO1973

    Why do you make it so difficult to download the mod? It is not possible to do it in a simpler way ???
    Where to install all those folders once the mod has been unzipped?
    It is a fantastic truck, I have done a lot of work on the American Truck, the mod was easier to download and use.
    Thank you for your work.

    1. Faelandaea

      @Mario – Sharemods is the simplest DL site there is. Not sure how much more simple you want it than that. Just be glad he didn;t use Uploaded, which forces you to disable ALL computer protection AND inject your computer with malware before you can download the file. I wish more folks would use sharemods instead like this one did.

      1. Uploaded doesnt force you to disable all computer protections. Its a hoster like anyone else

  3. please volvo bdf tandem verry nice

  4. Мод скачался на ура.Хороший трак,только есть мелкие не доработки (показание скорости на спидометре не соответствует с показаниями на абвизоре, нет возможности поставить горны). Хорошо работает на v.1.25.

  5. KarenGrigoryan

    А почему в соавторы не указали vovangt4? он камеру переписывал,чтобы не было конфликта с Вольво 670

  6. PureIllusion

    My test video (1080p 60fps) –

  7. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  8. MARIO1973

    Thanks for answering. I do not mean that, sharemods is true that is the best way to download the mods.
    I mean once unpacked the truck mod, all the folders that come out, I think 6, where they are placed ??? Because put directly into the game does not work, that’s what I mean.

    1. MARIO1973 . Распаковывать ничего не надо.ZIP архив в папку mod и всё.

    2. Its very easy. Copy the zip. File in your mods. Ets can read zip files the same wa as scs. files. I have done it a dozen times and it works well

  9. Mario 1073 you still build a vnl as bdf on fleming its base

  10. bonsaier002

    Mario 1073 you still build a vnl as bdf on fleming its base

  11. Nurburg49


  12. Nice truck and I enjoyed my first drive in it, but here are two bugs I discovered:

    1) The analog speedometer shows wrong speed (10 km/h too little). Digital speed of cruise control and route advisor is right.

    2) Cabin decorations like Autopass units or the license plate with drivers nickname from the Sisl pack look fine from inside the cabin, but from the outside they are way too far away from the windshield.

    Hope this will be fixed in the next release.

  13. How do you install it?

  14. You don’t have to unzip the downloaded file. Just put it in your mod folder. If you like, you can rename it from “.zip” to “.scs”. It’s basically the same file format using just another name.

  15. xkillerokx

  16. link kullanım dışı

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