Volvo VNL 780 v 1.1

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The eagerly awaited Volvo VNL 780* truck is now in Europe after it has arrived in America!
Includes 730 and 300 models.

Feets + inches are used when displaying small distance values in imperial units
Improved sounds
Fixed Lumen Mark III light accessory
Fixed missing Steam inventory association for Big Sur reward paintjobs.
Tweaked pricing and naming of Big Sur reward paintjobs to be consistent with other trucks.
Truck dealer now has truck compatible with players on level 0
Fixed definition of powered axle for mid lift version
Corrected mirrors in Crystal Dream paintjob

Original Model made by SCS
Port by ValheinXL
Made suitable for the workshop by SonSamsunlu


13 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 780 v 1.1

  1. Rosgillies

    Why all the advert pages. Impossible to download. Use sharemods or get lost.

  2. Fake uploader!

    1. ValheinXL

      Do you have a problem? I can bet you’ve never done mods yourself Mr. BigJhon. Please go and waste your time elsewhere.

      1. Very funny! Another kid who lost himself on a sharing site for adults! I create mods and maps since 2004! Can you say as much? Go back rather change your layer!

        1. ValheinXL

          Kindly throw your childish tantrum elsewhere. Thank you.

  3. Nice MOD, Ty , works in 1.33 Dealer Volvo.

    1. benet fordy

      even 1.36.x.x lol :”V

  4. Thank you it works fine.
    Much better to have now 1 file in lieu of 3 (thanks Valhein anyway).
    I would only suggest to raise a bit the 5th wheel locator because the trailers sit still a bit too low on it.

  5. darrenvox

    cool truck

  6. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – VOLVO VNL [1.33]

  7. spartacus33

    Thx…work very nice & no bugs on 1.33xxx
    Tested with CAT ENGINES and very perfect sound and work fine…
    23 Mb but absolutely good job…

  8. ValheinXL

    well it’s a fake mod for sure because i ‘don’t update this mod yet and nobody ask permission to me to update this truck so download at your own risk. for everyone i just reléase mods and updates on the oficial SCS fórum.

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