Volvo VNL 780 V3 + Template

Volvo-VNL-780-1 Volvo-VNL-780-2

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– Standalone
– Volvo Dealer
– Interior
– Tuning
– Sounds
– Skins
-DLC support
-Redone skins
-Redone Interior
-Redone Sounds
-Fixed mirrors
-Changed position of wheels
-Added template
Works on 1.24.
Reuploading doesen’t allowed.

Authors: AU44, Malcom37, Kriechbaum, ETS2Reaload, Fenix, ARN0LD2000


6 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 780 V3 + Template

  1. Love the look and sound of the truck but is has a few bugs that just ruin it like
    *lots of external accesories (strobe lights, horns) don`t match the textures
    *when setting up the steering wheel i had to set it at 740 degreees from lock to lock not 900 like other trucks
    *rear wheel volvo hubs just crash the game
    *and the most annoying of all is the real speed does not match the speed on the speedo.
    Fix these and i will surely give it another go bcs i love the look and sound of the truck

  2. It’s gives crash

  3. This version would be perfect if the gear shift was manual like the 2.4 version

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